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A Falken Skyline GT-R R33.
A Falken Skyline GT-R R33.

The GT-R in the history of race domination began with his 50 victories scored from 1968-1972, including 49 consecutive victories in the Japanese circuit. Nissan withdrew from the race shortly after the release of KPGC110 the.

The Skyline GT-R soon earned the name Godzilla for his performance monitoring. The R32 GT-R JTCC dominated, winning 29 races from 29 starts, taking the series title every year from 1989-1993. It took 50 races from 50 starts from 1991-1997 (recently R33) in the N1 Super Taikyu. The GT-R success sounded the death knell of Group A Touring Car Racing, with the formula being scrapped shortly afterwards. JTCC has also been decimated by the GT-R R32, splintered, and shortly after, leading to the move to the too Supertouring and indirectly to the GT500 category today.

The GT-R in the success of auto racing was formidable, particularly in the Annual Report 1000 km to the Mount Panorama circuit in Bathurst, Australia, where the winner in 1991 and 1992 was a GT-R (despite receiving additional 100 kg (220 lb) in weight of sanctions and a turbo pop off valve in 1992), and the Japanese GT series where it remained dominant for many years. The Skyline GT-R online have been removed from the JGTC series (later changed Super GT Series) in 2004. And the successor Nissan GT-R will be back in Super GT in the 2008 season.

No other race victories by the GT-R could escape without controversy. In 1990 at the Macau Grand Prix Guia Race cars, the factory R32 supported by Masahiro Hasem led the race from start to finish line which caused a wave of protests by the entrants. The following year, the car was forced to carry a weight penalty of 140 kg (309 lbs) and was against the most competitive DTM BMW M3 and Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution II. A disgruntled Hasem was forced to settle for fourth place. For further and final year of the sentence was reduced weight and works supported Hasem returned with another privateer R32 that crashed in the race, while Hasem to retire with engine failure.

In the UK, Andy Middlehurst took the Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32) to two consecutive victories in the national championship sedan Cup. Other titles include 1991 champion Australian Touring Car Championship (Jim Richards (Race Driver)), the 1991 Australian Endurance Championship (Mark Gibbs & Rowan Onslow), the 1991 Australian Manufacturers’ Championship 1992 Australian Touring Car Championship (Mark Skaife) and the 1992 Spanish Touring Car Championship.

Akira Kameyama took the GT-R to the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb race on three occasion winning in each Open Class for production cars, he entered, one in 1993 with the R32 [2], another in 1996 with the R33 [3] and again in 1998. [4] For the following year, Rhys Millen has taken a Skyline GT-R R33 to win the Showroom Stock High Performance category [5]

From 1994 to Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona, the GT-R will make its debut at U.S. Nismo into a single specification Group A R32 for the GTU class, the car will finish 20.
The only Skyline GT-R LM Road Car approval on the display.
The only Skyline GT-R LM Road Car approval on the display.

In 1995, developed the Nismo Skyline GT-R for endurance racing with a pair of JGTC specification R33s for the 24 Hours of Le Mans. To meet the approval of regulations, a street legal version had to be built, although necessary Nismo only an example to comply. The two race cars have been able to achieve some success at Le Mans, a car with the comprehensive 10th and 5th in GT1 class, which is beaten only by the more developed McLaren F1 GTR. For 1996, the Skyline GT-R will LMS, this time carrying RB26DETTs expanded 2.8 liters displacement. Again, competition in GT1, they finished 15th overall, and 10 in class. However, Nissan has chosen to abandon their production-based Skyline GT-R LMS in 1997 and instead of turning the objective of building R390 GT1s. In honor of the success of the Skyline at Le Mans, Nissan on the market a limited edition R33 called “LM Limited”, only available in Blue competition.

In 2007, Forums automobile became the first ever to compete with a Nismo Z-Tune R34 United States, to participate in the Speed World Challenge GT series. Team: Driver and President of the Automobile Igor Sushko, team leader Sean Morris, team leader Victor Reyes, Josh Mitchell mechanic, engineer and Merritt Johnson. Provisional plans are in place for the 2007 season.

In 2007, heat treatment Drag Skyline GT-R Reece McGregor of New Zealand, broke the world record for the fastest on a TI 1 / 4 mile with a 7.57 at 305.96 km / h (190.11 mph) to the will Dragway in Australia, a record previously held by the HKS Skyline GT-R with a 7.67.

Today, the car is very popular in the import Drag Racing Circuit Track, Time Attack and events organized by tuning magazines. The GT-R is actually the winner in 2007 Time Attack Tsukuba in Japan – the M-Speed GT-R (9 out of the first 15 cars consists of GT-R). This car has been marked by the BBC Top Gear as the only real contribution of Japan in fulfilling Supercars.

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